There is two CER-Coins !

CERES coins are a cryptocurrency issues by GC-Bank as an alternative to bitcoin, its major differences :

Did you know there is two CERES coins ?


Tickers : #CERC and #CER*

One as a bright spot, the other one has not !

They are both equally usable on CERES*platform however the CER* one has always a higher value.

Basically CER* is priced with the spot price of CERC marked up by {{VALUE}}.

There is a reason good reason about why there are two coins: in order to avoid any bad speculative mechanism, we split the coin in to two part : a first part has a base value (CER*); the second part's value is set by the market (CERC)

Indeed a cryptocurrency which have a uncontrolled price and has been heavily used for speculation and are bound to collapse when speculators extract their gains, its value will inevitably drop to zero if there is no real utility of the coin itself . in CERES the base part is where the value is.

we opened #CERC to the free market, it value can fluctuate while investors trade the coins, however the core value for CERES is not at the price the exchange set the spot price.

As every CERES is back with a real projects its value is in the success of the project, in the resources and products that the project create in the real physical world. This is what define the "Markup", this is the real value of CERES coins.

If you have some CERC coins and want to convert them to CER* coin, just add a spot by investing in our projects

Other main difference with the two coins :
CERC coins are mined, while CER* coins are minted (eco-friendly)

learn more about it on our blog ...


Note: in fact our "markup" option was so successful, that we enable all (speculative) cryptocurrency to have the "bright spot", as this is a guarantee the cryptocurrency cannot be used for corrupted endeavors. This also stabilize the price of any crypto by adding a "fixed" guaranteed base price base on the real world.

If the world goes well the base price with be very stabe, so the "spotted" cryptocurrency can be well used at a value store.