CryptoLottery by Lotbot


Mining is a form of lottery i.e. the protocol validating the transaction on the Bitcoin network is like a random draw... and when you win you get 12.5 BTC

However because the way the hashing power is distributed among the miners your chance of winning is very slim (especially if you don't have the latest ASIC miner).

new form of Lottery

So we (re)invented the Lottery on the blockchain, it is a smart-contract which trigger a random draw each time the balance on thes address : 15LoTERYexhCCMKix6ttohR1GYUv3ddGnQ is above a threshold (this is to guarantee we can pay the transaction fees).

The rule is simply send some Satochis to the Bitcoin address, by the end of the day we distribute the complete balance to one of the address from our players list.

The process is fully automated and anonymous so we can't notify you if you win, however if you check your wallet address the next day you can see if you have a payment from the lotbot

We recommend you talk about us on Social Media especially if you win such that people can trust that we are legitimatly making payment everytime our balance is above $100.

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